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Authentic Wedding Photos: The Secret

Your wedding day is a celebration of love and a momentous occasion that deserves to be captured authentically and genuinely. As a wedding photographer, I’ve come to understand that the key to creating breathtaking and heartfelt wedding photos lies in capturing the essence of the couple as they are—real, candid, and true to themselves. In this guide, I’ll share with you the secret to achieving authentic wedding photos that truly reflect your unique love story by being your truest self on your special day.

capturing authentic wedding photos - Sarah Rolles Photography - Banff National Park
  1. Embrace Your Emotions

On your wedding day, emotions will run high—excitement, joy, nerves, and everything in between. Don’t hold back! Embrace every emotion and let them flow naturally. Your candid expressions will be the most authentic and memorable moments captured through the lens.

  1. Be Present in the Moment

Amidst the whirlwind of the day, take moments to pause, breathe, and be fully present in each moment. Let go of any worries or distractions, and immerse yourself in the love and happiness of the day. When you’re present and in the moment, your true self shines through in the photographs.

  1. Forget About Perfection

Weddings often come with a quest for perfection, but remember that perfection is not the goal for your photographs. Embrace imperfections and unexpected moments—they often lead to the most magical and authentic images.

  1. Interact Naturally

During the couple portraits and candid shots, interact with your partner as you would in everyday life. Be playful, loving, and authentic in your interactions. Forget about the camera, and focus on each other. Your genuine connection will translate into beautiful and intimate photos.

  1. Include Personal Touches

Infuse your personalities and passions into the wedding details. Whether it’s in the decor, music, or vows, these personal touches add layers of authenticity to your wedding day and the photographs captured.

  1. Trust Your Photographer

A professional wedding photographer understands the art of capturing authentic moments. Trust your photographer’s expertise and vision. Relax and allow them to work their magic, capturing genuine emotions and candid moments throughout the day.

  1. Have Fun and Be Adventurous

A lighthearted and adventurous spirit can lead to the most spontaneous and candid photos. Don’t be afraid to explore unique photo locations or try something fun and out-of-the-box. Enjoy the experience, and the resulting images will reflect your true selves in the most authentic way.

  1. Focus on the Love

At the heart of every wedding is the love shared between the couple. As you exchange vows and celebrate with loved ones, keep your focus on the love that brought you together. Let that love shine in your eyes and smiles—it will be the soul of your authentic wedding photos.

capturing authentic wedding photos

Your wedding day is a celebration of your unique love story, and authentic photos are the most precious way to preserve those memories. Embrace your emotions, be present in the moment, and focus on the love that binds you together. Let go of the pursuit of perfection and trust your photographer to capture the essence of your truest selves. By being authentic on your wedding day, you’ll create a collection of photographs that resonate with love, joy, and cherished memories for generations to come.

How do you want to get married? Where? Who do you want to be there? Think about it, talk it over together. And feel free to reach out anytime if I can help as your wedding or elopement plans come together.

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Creating a Wedding Photography Timeline: Tips for a Smooth Day

Sunset photos on your wedding day

Your wedding day is a whirlwind of emotions and moments that pass by in the blink of an eye. To ensure that every cherished memory is captured beautifully, creating a well-planned wedding photography timeline is essential. A carefully crafted timeline not only helps your photographer capture all the special moments but also ensures a smooth and stress-free photoshoot experience. In this blog, we’ll share valuable tips for creating an efficient wedding photography timeline that maximizes your photography session and preserves the magic of your big day.

  1. Communication with Your Photographer

Open communication with your photographer is the foundation of a successful photography timeline. Share your vision, preferences, and must-have shots with them well in advance. Discuss the wedding day schedule, including key events and locations, so they can plan their approach accordingly.

  1. Allocate Adequate Time for Getting Ready

The “getting ready” moments can be filled with candid emotions and precious interactions. Allocate ample time for this part of the day, allowing your photographer to capture intimate shots of you and your loved ones as you prepare for the ceremony.

  1. Plan for Natural Light

If possible, schedule the ceremony and portrait sessions during the golden hour—the magical time shortly after sunrise or before sunset. The soft, warm light during this period adds a dreamy and flattering glow to your photographs.

  1. Include Buffer Time

Wedding days are dynamic, and unexpected delays are common. Build buffer time into your photography timeline to accommodate any unforeseen circumstances. Having extra time ensures you won’t feel rushed during your photography sessions.

  1. First Look Session

Consider having a first look session before the ceremony. This intimate moment between the couple allows for candid emotions and provides an opportunity for relaxed and creative couple portraits. It also frees up time after the ceremony to spend with guests.

  1. Family and Group Photos

Organize a list of essential family and group photos you want to take. Share this list with your photographer and a trusted family member or coordinator who can help gather people efficiently. Well-organized group photos save time and ensure no one is left out.

  1. Capture Candid Moments

While posed portraits are beautiful, don’t forget to embrace candid moments throughout the day. Genuine emotions and reactions make for some of the most treasured and heartfelt photographs.

  1. Sunset Photos

If your wedding day allows for it, schedule a short photoshoot during the sunset. The warm, romantic lighting during this time creates breathtaking images that capture the essence of your love.

  1. Be Realistic with Timing

When planning your wedding photography timeline, be realistic about how much time you have for each segment. Avoid cramming too many activities into a short period, as it may lead to rushed or compromised photos.

creating a wedding day photography timeline - Sarah Rolles Photography - Wedding photographer

Creating a well-structured wedding photography timeline is a collaborative effort between you and your photographer. By communicating openly, planning for natural light, and allowing for buffer time, you’ll ensure a smooth and enjoyable photoshoot experience. Remember, your wedding day is about celebrating love, and a thoughtfully planned timeline will allow your photographer to capture the magic and emotion of every moment, creating timeless memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

How do you want to get married? Where? Who do you want to be there? Think about it, talk it over together. And feel free to reach out anytime if I can help as your wedding or elopement plans come together.

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Rainy Day Weddings: Embracing Unique Photo Opportunities

When it comes to planning a wedding, many couples dream of sunny skies and perfect weather. However, Mother Nature doesn’t always follow our plans, and rain on your wedding day is a possibility. While it might seem like a setback, rainy days can present a unique and magical atmosphere, creating extraordinary photo opportunities that you won’t find on a sunny day. In this blog, we’ll explore the beauty of rainy day weddings and how you can embrace the weather to capture stunning and memorable photographs.

rain on your wedding day

8 Reasons to Embrace the Rain on your Wedding Day

Umbrellas as Props: Rainy days call for stylish and colorful umbrellas, and they can be used as adorable props in your wedding photos. Coordinate the umbrellas with your wedding theme or your outfits, and they’ll add a pop of vibrancy and charm to your pictures. Embrace the playful side of the rain by sharing an umbrella with your partner, creating a romantic and cozy moment.

Reflections and Puddles: Rainy days create natural reflective surfaces like puddles and wet pavements. Take advantage of these mirror-like surfaces to capture stunning reflections of the bride and groom, adding an artistic touch to your wedding photos. A skilled photographer will use creative angles to make the most of these unique elements.

Soft and Dreamy Lighting: Overcast skies and rain showers provide a soft, diffused light that is ideal for photography. Harsh shadows are minimized, and colours appear more vibrant and saturated. This natural lighting creates a dreamy ambiance, adding a touch of romance and nostalgia to your wedding pictures.

Dramatic Landscapes: A rainy day can transform the landscape, making it appear lush and vibrant. Greenery pops, flowers glisten, and the atmosphere is refreshed. Seize this opportunity to capture dramatic outdoor shots, surrounded by nature’s magical touch.

Embrace the Rain Kiss: Some of the most romantic and emotional moments occur when couples embrace the rain together. Whether it’s a gentle kiss under an umbrella or a playful dance in the rain, these candid moments are incredibly heartfelt and make for unforgettable photos.

Indoor Venues with Character: If you planned an outdoor wedding and rain forces you to move indoors, don’t fret! Indoor venues with character, such as historic buildings, art galleries, or cozy cafes, offer unique backdrops for your wedding photos. The charm and warmth of these locations can add a touch of intimacy to your images.

Rainy Day Details: Don’t forget to capture the little details that make a rainy day wedding special. Raindrop-covered petals, water droplets on windows, or rain-kissed bouquets all contribute to a storybook-like atmosphere that enhances the overall wedding experience.

Expressive Guest Reactions: Rainy day weddings often evoke a mix of emotions from guests. Capture the laughter, smiles, and genuine reactions to the weather. The joy and camaraderie in facing the rain together will result in heartwarming candid shots.

Rainy day wedding in Tofino BC

In Conclusion

Rainy day weddings offer a distinctive and enchanting ambiance that can’t be replicated on sunny days. By embracing the weather and viewing it as an opportunity rather than an obstacle, you and your photographer can create a collection of photographs that truly stand out. These images will not only capture the love between you and your partner but also the beauty of nature and the magic of the moment. So, if raindrops fall on your special day, seize the chance to create wedding photos that are truly one-of-a-kind and unforgettable.

How do you want to get married? Where? Who do you want to be there? Think about it, talk it over together. And feel free to reach out anytime if I can help as your wedding or elopement plans come together.

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Tofino, BC & the Top 10 Reasons to Elope in this Coastal Haven

Elope in Tofino BC

Want to elope in Tofino BC? If you and your partner are seeking a wedding experience like no other, look no further than the charming coastal town of Tofino, BC. Nestled on the edge of Vancouver Island, Tofino offers an idyllic elopement destination that promises to create unforgettable memories. Here are the top 10 reasons why every couple should consider eloping in this breathtaking haven:

1. Untouched Natural Beauty

Tofino boasts pristine beaches, ancient rainforests, and rugged coastline. The untouched natural beauty sets the stage for an intimate and picturesque elopement, with breathtaking vistas at every turn.

2. Intimate & Personal

Eloping in Tofino allows you to escape the crowd and focus on what truly matters: your love and commitment. Share your vows in an intimate setting with only your closest loved ones as witnesses.

3. Romantic Sunsets

Tofino is famous for its stunning sunsets. Say “I do” as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in a mesmerizing display of colors, creating a romantic atmosphere that is simply magical.

4. Adventure Awaits

For adventurous souls, Tofino offers a playground of activities. From surfing to hiking, kayaking to whale watching, you can embark on thrilling experiences together, making your elopement even more memorable.

5. World-Class Cuisine

Tofino’s culinary scene is a food lover’s dream. Savor delectable local seafood and farm-to-table dishes, paired with fine wines to celebrate your love in style.

6. Cozy & Luxurious Accommodations

Tofino boasts a range of accommodations, from charming cabins by the sea to luxurious resorts. Experience ultimate comfort and relaxation as you unwind together after your special day.

7. Eco-Friendly Destination

Tofino is committed to sustainability and protecting its pristine environment. By eloping here, you’re choosing a destination that aligns with your values and leaves a positive impact.

8. Whimsical Rainforest Elopement

Exchange your vows under a canopy of ancient trees in the enchanting rainforest. The ethereal ambiance of the forest creates a fairy-tale-like setting for your elopement.

9. Friendly Locals & Warm Hospitality

Tofino’s locals are known for their friendliness and warm hospitality. Experience genuine kindness and support as you embark on this journey of love.

10. Secluded Beach Ceremonies

Picture saying “yes” with your toes in the sand and the sound of waves as your backdrop. Tofino’s secluded beaches provide the perfect setting for a romantic and private beachside elopement.

In conclusion, Tofino, BC, is a hidden gem for couples seeking an unforgettable elopement experience. With its untamed beauty, intimate atmosphere, and endless adventures, Tofino captures the hearts of all who visit. Embrace the magic of this coastal haven and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

How do you want to get married? Where? Who do you want to be there? Think about it, talk it over together. And feel free to reach out anytime if I can help as your wedding or elopement plans come together.

Elope in Tofino BC - Wedding photographer
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10 Best Wedding Venues in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Wedding venues in Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Photos taken at The Barn at Wind’s Edge

Saskatoon, SK, offers a special experience for wedding venues. With its blend of modernity and nature, the city provides a picturesque backdrop for your big day. From elegant ballrooms with river views to modern barns, Saskatoon’s diverse venues cater to every couple’s vision and style, making it a special destination for a truly memorable wedding. Whether you envision a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, here are the 10 best wedding venues in and near Saskatoon that won’t dissapoint.

1. The Glen at Crossmount

Set in a scenic countryside, The Glen at Crossmount is a breathtaking venue with stunning indoor and outdoor options, ensuring a wedding that is both charming and unforgettable.

2. The Barn at Wind’s Edge

Experience the charm of a modern barn wedding at The Barn at Wind’s Edge, complete with stunning countryside views and acres of prairie landscape.

3. The Remai Modern

For art-loving couples, The Remai Modern provides a contemporary and chic space with floor-to-ceiling windows, offering breathtaking views of the South Saskatchewan River.

4. Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Celebrate your love amidst the rich cultural heritage of Wanuskewin Heritage Park, featuring scenic trails, tipi lodges, and a unique indigenous-inspired setting.

5. Sheraton Cavalier Saskatoon Hotel

Overlooking the South Saskatchewan River, the Sheraton Cavalier Saskatoon Hotel boasts elegant ballrooms and upscale amenities, providing a touch of luxury for your special day.

6. Delta Hotels Saskatoon Downtown

Located in the heart of the city, the Delta Hotels Saskatoon Downtown offers classic and stylish event spaces, perfect for both intimate gatherings and grand receptions.

7. Lucky Bastard Distillers

For couples who appreciate the finer things in life, Lucky Bastard Distillers in Saskatoon, SK, offers an unforgettable wedding experience. Nestled in the heart of the city, this unique venue combines the artistry of distillation with rustic charm, creating an ambiance that is both chic and intimate.

8. Glass & Lumber

Glass & Lumber in Saskatoon, SK, offers a perfect blend of contemporary sophistication and rustic charm, making it a top-notch wedding venue choice. With its stunning floor-to-ceiling windows, sleek design, and exposed wooden beams, this space provides an enchanting backdrop for your special day.

9. Brick Loft Event CO

With its industrial chic design, exposed brick walls, and soaring ceilings, this venue offers a unique and romantic ambiance. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, Brick Loft Event Co. provides the perfect setting to create unforgettable moments that will stand the test of time.

10. Albert School / Community Centre

Embrace the beauty of a bygone era with a modern twist at The Albert School Community Centre, an exceptional wedding venue in Saskatoon. This historic building features stunning architecture, high ceilings, and grand windows that fill the space with natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your special day.

How do you want to get married? Where? Who do you want to be there? Think about it, talk it over together. And feel free to reach out anytime if I can help as your wedding or elopement plans come together.

Saskatoon Wedding - The Barn at Wind's Edge - Photography by Sarah Rolles Photography
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