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Create an Elopement Timeline

Where to Begin

How do you create an all-day elopement timeline that lets you breathe, lets you adventure, and lets you enjoy just being in love?

Step one…VALUE the day you’re planning with the love of your life to the point that you recognize it deserves everything you both want.

WHY? Because no matter the location, landscape or amount of witnesses present eloping is about focusing on what matters most…

Marrying your soul mate

Create an all-day elopement timeline. Saskatchewan Elopement

Elopements are no longer a scandalous, negative thing and they have evolved past Vegas into a more personalized, intimate and even adventurous setting. Today the best part about deciding how to elope is that you can keep your elopement day as simple as you want or you can include as many details and activities as you wish! In order to get started with planning your elopement there are a few questions you should ask yourself first.

1. Where do you want to elope?

2. What type of scenery would you like to have on your elopement day?

3. Are we inviting anybody along?

4. What time of year do we want to elope?

5. What activities do you see yourselves including?

While brainstorming and dreaming up your ultimate elopement experience asking yourself the above questions will help your vision begin to appear!

Create an all-day elopement timeline. Elopement in Saskatoon

Step two…COMMUNICATE your elopement vision lovingly to everyone who needs to know. But! DO NOT let other people’s opinions and expectations push you in a direction that doesn’t feel right for you.

A few different elopement options to consider include:

1. Eloping and inviting just a few people (usually under 10 people)

2. Having a micro wedding and inviting just a few guests. (usually between 10 & 30)

3. Eloping and inviting no one.

4. Eloping with a wedding reception to follow on a different date.

5. Eloping in private and telling people afterwards.

Create an all-day elopement timeline. Elopement in Saskatchewan

Step three…CREATE your timeline. Elopements are full of opportunity and when it comes to creating your timeline those opportunities are endless.


  • Getting Ready Location: Beautiful Airbnb
  • Ceremony Location: Couples favourite spot near Lake Deifenbaker
  • Additional Portrait Location: Sunset photos in open field
  • Meal Celebration Location: Couples favourite restaurant

1:00 pm – Couple getting ready

2:00 pm – First look then hike to favourite scenic spot for intimate ceremony

3:00 pm – Intimate ceremony with personal vows and a few family members present

4:00 pm – Family photos and snack before hiking back to celebration location

5:00 pm – Couples portraits at various points on the hike back

6:00 pm – Small intimate dinner with family and close friends

7:00 pm – Speeches from family members that attended

8:00 pm – Couple sneaks away for sunset photos

9:00 pm – Cake cutting, first dance & cocktails

That’s it! Those are the first few steps to get that elopement vision brewing.

Create an all-day elopement timeline. Elopement in Saskatchewan

Don’t forget however the most important thing about planning your elopement… You are getting married because you love each other, because you’re choosing each other—because you know that life is the biggest adventure of all, and there’s no one else you’d rather have by your side.

An elopement is an intimate & authentic way to marry your soul mate. You can be wild, you can be free, you can be you.

How do you want to get married? Where? Who do you want to be there? Think about it, talk it over together. And feel free to reach out anytime if I can help as your wedding plan comes together.

Create an all-day elopement timeline. Elopement in Saskatchewan. Sarah Rolles Photography

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