“When you do things from the soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”


A little about me

I am prairie raised and grew up on an acreage outside a very small town in North East SK called Star City. In college I studied photojournalism and after a few years of working in the news industry I found my true passion in photographing couples and families.


I love relaxing mornings with a good caffeine hit, hiking, nature and the outdoors. I am a bit of a Wanderluster with aspirations to travel this beautiful planet as much as possible. My goal is to truly experience the culture of every country that I visit.


As a photojournalist I aim to capture those naturally beautiful moments of connection. I am a seeker of wonder, of moments that cause your heart to race. I love the raw and honest moments - the perfect and the imperfect moments.


My goal is to create a relaxed yet fun environment for my clients where you can let your true self emerge. I direct with prompts, gentle guidance, and questions that evoke genuine emotion and laughter, instead of stiff poses. I strive to make each photograph a piece of art that conveys how you truly felt during that moment, or for the person that you love. The results are photographs as unique and beautiful as you are.


It is an incredibly humbling job, to be trusted to document couples and families life long memories, and that is what I focus on most; timeless imagery that will evoke all of the emotions you and your family felt that day.


Based in Saskatoon, SK - Always prepared to travel!!

Sarah Rolles
Sarah Rolles available to travel

My Style

I am deeply inspired by my wonderment for nature, and I believe each person's uniqueness is an expression of mother nature's beauty and complexity. Photography allows me to express my appreciation for all things living on this planet, and document the connecting force of love that is shared between Couples & families while in nature.

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Telephone 306-960-0461